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Guest Blogging is About Sharing and Networking

Many bloggers think that guest posting is just another way to get links. They couldn’t be further from the truth, and the trouble with their attitude is that it is giving guest blog posting a bad name when it is a genuinely helpful link building and relationship building exercise. Some of the SEO services reviews regarding guest blogging are terrible and we’re looking to change that!

Most link building SEO services will focus on guest blog posting simply because it works. You can usually get at least a link back to your blog in your author bio area or byline. But is this all that guest posting is about?

Ethical SEO services providers say no, not at all. Internet marketing SEO services often include guest blogging or blogger outreach and networking in their packages because they realize you can’t be “that guy” and waltz right up to a host blogger and start asking them about guest posting for them. An organic SEO service  provider or an SEO service provider really needs to know what’s going on when it comes to the etiquette of approaching a blogger for guest posting on their blog.

Guest blogging is more about sharing information and networking – the point is to build relationships with people that might lead to all kinds of opportunities. Even if you don’t get a guest post on someone’s blog, they might be impressed by your politeness and the quality of your writing and refer you to a friend of theirs who may want to see what you’ve written. And this chain of events will have gotten started just because you sent a polite email to a blogger asking about guest posting opportunities.

Networking and relationship-building might sound a little weird, especially since this is likely going to be happening amongst competitors in any industry, but hear us out. You don’t have to give away every trade secret your business has ever known, but you don’t have to be in total isolation. They’re your competition, not rabid wolves, so give them a chance. You might be able to trade guest posts with them, thereby increasing your own productivity, and enabling each other to reach new audiences that might have otherwise never found either of your blogs. It can be tough to swallow your pride and that subtle resentment many people have for employees of rival companies.

But trust us when we say that it’s so worth it!