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Top Analytics Tools Available

Some of the best web SEO tools aren’t made by companies who just sit back and churn out one program, app, or tool right after another in an effort to feed the insatiable need of many businesses for higher rankings. Instead, there are SEO companies and individuals who are working hard to make the next big SEO rank tool, or a new batch of WordPress SEO tools. The kinds of things that people can really use and benefit from. It will be nice if these new things are priced affordable, but that’s a subject for another discussion.

If you find an SEO tool online, you should be wary of it. It might be a perfectly good tool, you don’t know either way yet, but that is exactly why you shouldn’t just install the first thing you come across that looks like it might be a good fit for your needs. For one you don’t want to damage your computer and you don’t want to use any SEO tools Google might not approve of. Of course Google isn’t going to openly approve of any SEO tool, but if it’s a really bad one they have no trouble penalizing you for using it, whether you knew the true nature of the tool or not.

The kind of SEO tools keyword researchers use is going to be the best for the casual SEO practitioner, business owner, of person who is just passionately curious about SEO. If you’re curious about which keywords your website is optimized for and which related keywords are performing well you might want to check out the RankPop Xray tool. It enables you to see what’s going on behind the scenes and see what you are doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and what you could be changing to make things even better.

If you’re more interested in what your competition is doing, you could turn the tables on them and use the keyword analysis tools you’ve discovered so far to examine their websites, their backlinks, and their incoming and outgoing traffic. You’re not going to be able to see anything else of course, but you can take what you know and see if there are any gaps. Are there areas that you cover that your competition doesn’t, or vice versa? This can be valuable information for your business because you now know what needs to be focused on and what can be left on the back burner for now.